Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Safari for Windows????

How ridiculous I thought... Safari for windows? Who in their right mind would even consider that???? Most Mac users don't even like Safari!!! But, I figured as a matter of standards I better try it... cause I'm gonna have to start supporting it... Here's the thing... I actually think they have done an excellent job! This is not the Safari that I am used to... it's clean, responsive (maybe even more responsive than FireFox...), AND... it even passes the elusive Acid 2 test!... well, almost... Who knew!?! Now, it's only in beta for windows at this point, but even at that I am starting to like it... So far every site I have visited has seemed much more responsive and every site I have built and tuned for FireFox has worked without a hitch! The jury is still out on this one for me, but I am happy to welcome this new contender to the ever growing browser battle! (that statement may come back to bite me some day ....)

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